If you are thinking of things to talk about with your crush, communication is so essential. To grow any relationship, you should talk about different things, especially where your crush is interested. If there is no effective communication in a relationship, then it will not grow.

Sometimes, you are not so talkative, and it is challenging to talk with your crush in this situation. But keep this thing in mind that now it’s the question of your crush, and you have to talk about some things to grow the everlasting relationship.

Things to talk about with your crush; Be relaxed.

Whenever you are thinking about talking with your crush, it seems very difficult to start a conversation. The people who are not very talkative feel it harder. Whenever you meet a new person, keep in mind that you have some ideas to talk about.

Make sure that you are not repeating the topics. As it is the matter of your crush or lover, you have to do something for yourself and your crush. I’d like to give you some ideas for what to talk to your crush about.

As it is a matter of your relationship, you have to be careful how to be frank with your crush so that they might also feel relaxed. 

Dreams and aspirations

Every one of us has our dreams and aspirations. You have your dreams, and your crush has other dreams. So be careful when you are talking about this topic as it looks so formal.

But now it’s the time how you can use this topic so that it looks informal. Introduce yourself by telling him or her my childhood dream was to become a doctor. But now it seems that I can’t because I cannot see the blood. This may be the fun part of your conversation regarding this topic.


Whether you are a girl or a boy, family always means a lot to everyone. Family is considered to be the most exciting thing to talk about with your crush. You can talk about your family relatives, family history, and family trees with your crush.

You can tell her who your family ideal to which you take inspiration is. These discussions will give you insight into yourself and your crush’s family when she also discusses different things. You can also ask your crush about what is the most exciting thing about your family.

It may be an excellent way to start a discussion about family and relations. While that talk, you can also assess how your crush gives importance to her family. You will also realize that if she gives importance to her family, she will give importance to your relationship. 

Love life 

If you want to become romantically involved with your crush and want to become a couple, then this is considered to be the most relevant topic to talk about with your crush.

To start the conversation, ask her or him how important love is to you. During a talk, you can ask if he is in a romantic relationship or not. If he is not, you can also ask him or her to be a couple and start a relationship. If your crush is interested, then he or she will give you positive feedback.

Questions you need to ask your crush

There are many questions you can talk about with your crush. Keep in mind that questions always develop an interest in people. In the same context, your crush will also take interest when you ask a question. Let’s go into the details.

What is the best place you have to travel to before you die?

From my point of view, traveling is adventurous and interesting. If you think that your crush loves traveling, then it will be the best question you ever ask. If my crush asks me about the best place, then my answer will be Turkey. Whenever I Google this place, I always love the beauty of this country.

So you can also ask your crush about the place which he or she wants to travel to before death. While discussing this question, you can also explore different ideas and destinations that are most beautiful. 

What was your first impression of me?

This question is one of the interesting questions to talk about with your crush. We all know very well that first impressions are the most lasting, so this might be an excellent opportunity to figure out what your crush thinks about you.

People always think that they are super and no one is like them. But after answering this question, you will reveal the positive and negative things about your personality. You will also come to know what you have to change in yourself to become a better person.

How do you spend your time?

You can ask your crush how he or she spends his spare time. During this question, you can quickly figure out if your crush is an extrovert or an introvert. Also, you can easily judge whether the other person is your type or not.

If you can spend five days and nights out in a hotel and she does not want to leave her home, then both of you cannot live together.

Who is the closest to your family?

Another thing which you can talk about with your crush is to ask about his or her family members. Through this conversation, you can quickly learn about your crush’s family history.

Most surprisingly, it also gives you information for lots of organic follow-ups. If your crush is close to his or her mother, then ultimately, he or she will have a kind nature. This shows that your crush is also loving and kind towards you.

What is your love language?

While talking about anything, you should also know about your crush’s love language. Most surprisingly, you can judge this through his or her body language. When you learn about your crush’s love language, it also opens the door to allow a deeper connection.

When you talk about love and emotions, it ultimately clicks the relationships and bonds. Talking about different things relating to love will strengthen your communication. It also makes you feel proud when you are seen, heard, and emotionally validated.